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  • Is it normal for Construct to be some what selective about what events it listens do or what sprites it displays?

    Because sometimes only some of my sprites show up & other times only some of my events work & I can't figure out why

    I think maybe the program just doesn't like me. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Because the first time I decided to download it I experienced similar issues & quickly cast it aside since then I've bought a new computer & downloaded the latest version & it still won't co-operate.

    Any ideas why Construct 2 is doing this?

  • Hi.

    Please see this post from Ashley, regarding problems. It will help us help you.

  • The events and sprite display parts of the engine are very reliable. Unless you've turned up a new bug, I would guess they're working just fine. So I guess it's a problem in your events.

  • Is there any chance it could have to do with my browser settings or something like that? I kept getting a messsage about Intranet or something & after I told it not to show again now all I get is a message saying

    "Assertion failure: Plugin ID 'Mouse' is missing. Check the plugin IDs match in edittime and runtime scripts. Note this can also occur when there is an error in a plugin script that prevents the browser from loading the script - check the error console"

    I've just been going through the basic tutorial so I doubt uploading my file would help much.

    Regardless what are some of the alternatives to Drop box that are commonly used here?

  • You should be a little more specific about your whereabouts.

    The error message "Assertion failure...", do you get it when you preview an opened project ? a new blank project ? when you launch Construct2 editor ?

    The message leaves me to believe there's a missing plugin, maybe a difference between the version of the project and the version of the editor.

    Either try to delete (rename to keep events) the current mouse object of your project and create a new one. (the one of the current editor, so up to date).

    Try to preview again to see if any change occurs.

    If that fails, maybe you installed the current C2 editor over an old installation/dezip. I'd suggest then to uninstall C2 (delete the folder manually if no uninstall is present), redownload it and reinstall it.

    Also think about updating your browser as well as telling us which "brand" it is ? (IE, firefox, chrome, safari... ?)

  • I kept getting a messsage about Intranet or something

    What was that message? It's always important to know.

    Also, what browser and version are you using?

    If you hit Control+Shift+J in Firefox or Chrome after the message, are there any errors? (In Internet explorer, hit F12, click Console, then refresh the page to see errors.)

    've just been going through the basic tutorial so I doubt uploading my file would help much.

    I still would like to see the file if possible. You might have done something slightly different along the way which caused the problem.

    Construct 2 is still early in development, but all its basic features should be working just fine. I guess you've discovered a bug! Hopefully we can get this fixed for the next release.

  • Hi I'm back again

    Sorry to bring up a topic that is by now probably considered old

    I have gone through the beginners tutorial once again & noted the problems that I encountered in order, I have also included a link to the file.

    Before starting I downloaded the latest version of construct 2 & upgraded internet explorer to 9.

    the first time I clicked run layout at the end of the "Tiled background" section of the tutorial Construct ran a earlier project and not the current one.

    By the time I had finished the section on "How to add behaviour" construct decided it would preview the current project however the scrolling skipped periodically as I moved the player around.

    After this absolutely none of the changes I made showed up in the preview when clicking run layout, they were however present in the exported project.

    Here is the file

    Any help would be appreciated

  • Vercingetorix, if you hit F5 (or manually refresh the browser), do the changes show up? How about if you close the browser and click preview again with no browser open?

  • I exited all other Internet explorer windows,I closed & reopened the file, I even restarted my computer but I never once thought to click refresh & as it turns out thats all I had to do to fix it.

    Thanks it appears to be working now

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  • Noob Question #2: Is 'Stop' or 'Break' implemented? I'm testing basic line drawing ( ) but needing conditionals to stop the code. I've included rotatableText plugin on the page which it uses for drawing. (oldskool stuff) <img src="smileys/smiley8.gif" border="0" align="middle">

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