Newbie: Does Construct 2 use flash/Javascript?

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  • Hi everyone, i am new to Construct and my goal is to make a few simple games to add to my membership smartphone app.

    I want my membership app to have an arcade linking to various simple fun games.

    Games like fruit ninja, maybe a simple platformer etc.

    My question is the app service I use allows html5 but does construct solely use html5 or does it also implement java, javascript, flash etc.

    If so that makes adding them a little dicey.

    Thanks for your patience and help.

  • Well I suggest a little more reading on the subjects.

    But to answer your question. C2 exports a JavaScript program which uses a browsers canvas and other browser api. There is no Flash.

    Any HTMl elements are only a visual wrapper for the browser.

  • I belive it uses html5,javascript,css

  • C2 doesn't really use CSS as part of it's game design.

    CSS is only used when using the few DOM elements like Font, Text, Button. However as a good rule of design for true cross platform.

    * Times when you would use DOM. Editors, information, prototypes.

    * When not to use DOM. Any commercial release of a game or App.

    However, except for the DOM parts. C2 doesn't use HTML5 except to have a Canvas and even then Wrappers don't use it all. So no. C2 is really primarily just a JS game engine with a HTML5(only) wrapper page for a browser.

    Just as an information.

  • Wow, that was like a foreign language. I appreciate the feed back. Coming into this great program is a little overwhelming. I wanted to find out specifically flash because of the Iphone ban on it.

    I know my questions are very basic, but I am coming in with no prior knowledge and kind of groping around in the dark. I wish there were more tutorials. I thought the first one was great but then it left you off with no instruction on adding sounds etc.

    So I kind of need to ask stupid questions to crawl, walk, run.


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  • dan Blast

    I don't understand the 'wish there were more tutorials' reference. There are 39 pages of categorized tutorials in the Tutorials section at the top of the page.

  • xenox, I'm working my way through them. Thanks.

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