New Xbox 360 Update. IE Included

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  • I just tested out my Strike game in IE on the 360 and it ran smooth as could be. The Dpad seems to be mapped to the arrow keys so I was able to fly around the entire level.

    This is pretty exciting, it also introduces the Microsoft App Store. I'm assuming they are gearing up for the Win8 launch in a few days.

    Just thought I would share my experience.

    The test game I used is a very rough version of my game

    If you get a chance, test out your games with it.

  • It makes me want to buy a 360 <img src="smileys/smiley30.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thats pretty cool! Thanks for sharing

  • Time to back to Gold account

    Someone check if support FullScreen and if use the fullhd resolution?

    how are the speed?

    I imagine with not make games at fullhd but at hd scaled the performance

    can be great (Is possible to c2 support in near future the direcxt for the WebGL effects ported?)

    Well this can be a great market (Microsoft appMarket)

    Edit: I found a Iexplorer8 optimized for Xbox360 but are for windows

    is the same of xbox?

  • Not sure, I only had a minute to try it last night. The game ran full screen with no title/address bar or anything. It was pretty cool seeing my game on my 42" tv and playing it with a xbox pad.

    I'm assuming it's a version of IE10 which comes with Windows 8

  • On a separate note, I posted 2 games to the Windows 8 app store last week. This last week or so has been going through their developer security checks and I finally got approved yesterday. Both apps have started the certification process. They passed the first 3 steps (Pre-Processing, Security Tests and Technical Compliance) now just waiting for Content Compliance. It states it could take 7 days, but I am hoping it gets pushed through faster since Win 8 launches in 2 days.

    If they get approved, I will let you know if they appear on the App Store on the Xbox as well. I'm kind of curious how that will work as there isn't a specific option for Xbox Apps when compiling and submitting to the store.

  • Iexplorer 10? then probably we need to check is the windows 8 plugin make

    use in Xbox360 of some functions (like savegames and share between all Windows machines)

    I see a great new world to explore

    Edit: Are confirmed are Iexplorer 10

  • I shared my experiences with the IE app on the Xbox 360 back during the beta. I haven't had a chance to play with it lately, to see if performance or functionality has improved, but it was pretty decent as it was.

  • so how do you actually deploy a c2 project to xbox360?

    do you use the windows metro export in c2 or something like awesomium?

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  • Not really sure yet. I tested just via the browser.

    My guess will be through the Microsoft App Store.

  • Hey ArcadED, how is the approval of your games coming along, did you have a difficult time submitting a C2 project to the windows store.

    I will be getting windows 8 soon, will definitely check out your games and support a fellow C2 dev.

  • No, it was extremely easy. Lots of steps to go through, but I think MS does an excellent job walking you through the process.

    The cost is the same as apple, 99 dollars per year.

  • Tried html5 games last night on the 360 and it runs surprisingly smooth.

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