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  • When you create a new project on construct 2, there is an option to chose the "new windows 8 project" (is the ninth from the top) that use some features like build app or share button. After i saw some tutorials and topic in forum i noticed that there is also a plugin called "Metro" that can be found here: . And it seems to do the same fuction of the template, plus lots of more thing, anyone that want to make anything for windows 8 should use that plugin on an empty project instead of the standard template provided from cons2 or both? Anyone can explain or link any reference that can show how "new windows project" can be setted/it work?

    thanks :)


  • I found the existing Windows 8 functionality in Construct 2 was perfectly fine. I'd recommend starting with that, as it's officially supported, then if you find there's something you can't achieve, to consider third-party plugins.

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  • Yup, just use the project/object first, and then the plugin should you need different functionality. The plugin existed before it was built into the tool. :) Let me know if you need help with Windows 8, and check out my blog series on creating games for Windows 8:

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