Does the new WiiU exporter support shaders?

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  • Hi everyone, thanks for reading this.

    I'm not asking for super secret infos or something, I just need to know if my WebGL effects would be easily supported if I could get a WiiU Devkit.

    A friend of mine at Nintendo told me how it was a bit difficult to make good visual effects with their HTML5 framework because WebGL wasn't supported.

    Is the C2 exporter based on this solution, or is it different?

    I can't find any info about it in the official announcements or comments.

    I would love to know that, and if yes, port my game :)


  • Aurel

    If your Nintendo "friend" told you WebGL wasn't supported, and your special effect requires WebGL, wouldn't that be your answer?


  • Some official answer regarding this would be welcome.

  • That's my initial guess, but as I don't know if this new exporter is exactly / partially / or not at all based on the Nintendo html5 framework, I'm still wondering.

    (And sorry for mentioning a friend I worked with, I see at your answer it could be read as bragging, I was not expecting this, I just wanted to explain why I had this question about shaders)

  • Aurel

    It didn't sound like that, although it did sound like you were asking and answering your own question all at once. XD

    As for an answer to your question, let me ask around and see if it is public knowledge or something blocked by my NDA and I'll get back at you.


  • No webgl?


  • There is an official announcment about this subject a number of times.

    It's on Nintendo's developer page regarding html5/Unity.

    "The Nintendo Web Framework is a development environment based on WebKit technologies"

    The answer is no. WebKit is so far been implemented as a 2D Canvas render. :(

    Also and I'm less sure on this, but it's likely that there is no Advanced WebAudio, just the basic audio player. For all we know the WiiU export could be as bad as CocoonJS until further notice :(

    If you can find it. Nintendo also provided an image displaying what technologies that there Nintendo Web Framework uses. I however have not been able to find that image.

    Since C2 is an JS export C2 can only be a %100 WebFramework game.

    I think there should be a top post thread in the forums regarding non PC hardware exports of what they can and can't do.

  • For all we know the WiiU export could be as bad as CocoonJS until further notice :(

    It has perform very well so far in my tests. BLOK DROP U runs solid and is a very physics driven game. I have heard CocoonJS does not do so well in that regard. My new title I'm working on has been running a solid 58-60 FPS.


  • Why didn't they take chromium technology?

  • Thanks for the answer, now that's clear!

    I don't see why it was kind of secret, it should be written in plain text so everyone can know if becoming Nintendo Developer worth the try or not.

    Thanks again for the quick answer :)

  • We're all under NDAs so I don't think we can discuss the particulars of the Nintendo Web Framework. Perhaps you could try to ask Nintendo directly.

  • Ashley

    I already have my answer from Nintendo.

    As it was a question about C2 (the new exporter being exactly or not exactly based on the Nintendo Framework), I was thinking it was OK to ask.

    But if because of these NDAs we can't talk about it, no problem, be sure my topic was not made to cause problems to Scirra.

    ... Case closed, will not talk about it anymore! :)

  • Its like Fight Club for indies.

  • The NDA's only affect those who are dealing with Nintendo directly, we are perfectly free to spectulate as much as we'd like.

    Personally, I see this is a weird move. I don't see why Nintendo is after a lot of mid/small size games, when what it really needs is system sellers. And without webGL or the audio API, there isn't likely to be any system sellers based on the web framework.

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  • Ashley

    i do understand NDAs but how can we ,the customers of a game creation software know if it is worth it or not to invest a few thousand dollars for something that might have the same performance and problems as lets say ,cocoonjs?

    shouldt you as a company be able to tell your customers what is and what is not?

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