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  • Hello, i "constructed" my own lil test game... and i wanted to see if i could use Eclipse and Phonegap to convert it to Android Phone, i get it to display the game and stuff, the problem is thou, it runs and does show the game as such, but i made a fake D-Pad kinda thing, and made it so that when a mouse clicks each arrow, it moves the Character.

    Problem is, when i make it into a app, i cant click on the arrows, well it does nothing... its just showing it as a picture kinda thing, well i dont truely know, but it doesnt work, so i thought i would be smart and change the functions to touch, but problem still remained, it still wouldnt move the character.

    PS: it works fine in testing browser pressing the mouse.

    Has anyone else had any experience with dealing with this.. OR even know a step in the right way, for example maybe a Different program to make this Andriod App.

    Any successes or fails?

    Please tell.

  • What events did you use to detect touches? Could you post your project file so we could take a look?

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  • I certainly can,

    Im just using Mouse clicks, i would have thought that, if you just convert mouse into like touch... im not sure... what i mean is... i was hoping when making it with PhoneGap/AndriodSDK, it would think the mouse was a finger...

    So thanks... please reply soon :D

  • I don't think the phones automatically convert touches in to mouse events. So you'd have to use the touch object, but the application you uploaded doesn't use any touch events. Are you using the "Is touching object" condition in place of both of those conditions?

    You can use both mouse + touch if you like, just copy+paste the events and replace the mouse conditions with the touch condition.

  • Ok ill give it a shot :D

  • Sorry if double posting isnt allowed, if it isnt, please advice and delete as i can edit the last one... But just for Ashley's curiousity, IT WORKS!!!! Thank you soooooooooooo much!... (spent 3 days trying to do that xD... was using the wrong options... now when i use "is touching object" works perfectly)

    Once again thank you ashley, i hope indeed this helps other ppl such as new ppl to develope :D

  • Glad to be of assistance :)

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