New Video Plugin (SOLVED)

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  • Hello, i got very exited when i readed that the plugin video was on r171

    becuase me and my bf wanted to make a animated intro for our game, since my bf is a professional animator and he would be able to make a very beautiful intro... but see, our game is for steam, so we are going to export it on nodewebkit, so my dissapointment came when i saw that the source for the video was URL only... why? cant you give a way to play a video the same way as audio is played?? locally!

  • Lunatrap

    I don't know where you've got that idea from that it's just url only. It doesn't say that anywhere in the release notes.

    The release notes say:

    [quote:3imsc0j8]node-webkit can play WebM

    I imported a webm file to the project files then exported as Node-Webkit, and it played fine.

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  • URL is not "HTTP"

    You can upload videos in Files folder in projects tab and get name of this file to play

  • but where im supposed to import the webm?? and how do i tell the video plugin what video to play??? just the name of the video file?? i will chekc it out to see if i can figure it out... thanks!

    Update, awww i figure it out...

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