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  • Just wondering if anyone thinks this is a good idea.

    I'm thinking of animated tilemaps. So you create your tilemap and build a dungeon or something. At various points you want to place animated tiles so you click on the tilemap, click on Animations (similar to adding behaviours or effects), and add an animation. Each animation is just a sprite so you import a spritestrip the same way you do it normally then apply it (either to a specific x/y location on the tilemap or maybe to all tiles of a certain type). For example you might have a single torch tile that has 4 frames of animation to flicker. You add the tile to a dozen or so locations on the map then edit the animations to apply the 4 frames to that tile type (the user could select a tile at x,y to use as a target tile to apply the effect to all tiles of that type).

    Yes, I know you could do the same thing with individual sprites so maybe this falls down and isn't interesting to think about, but that's what I'm asking. Is it simply better to just create the animations in sprites and add them to a map or are animated tiles a better choice? I'm thinking more like animating a floor of lava rather than single sprites.


    EDIT: Someone always thinks of an idea before you. This has been discussed before here: The only problem is the cumbersome nature of this approach were you have triggers and all kinds of things in your event list. Would get messy on a large map.

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  • For big areas I think the easiest way would be just to make another tilemap for it and animate it using set tile range => animationFrame.

    I don't see the problem on multible Tilemaps, but maybe someone knows something I don't. Mobile performance I don't have any idea.

  • I think that adding animations to the Tilled Background should be addressed first, but yes, more options is always a good thing.

  • eli0s Indeed. I would be very happy if it could use offset.

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