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  • Are there any plans for new shaders/effects?

    Look there:

    Grayscale, sepia, blur and especially drop-shadow effects would be great.

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  • No browsers currently support this but a future version of Chrome may do. We're already planning a full effects system for Construct 2 so we hope to be adding these and more in future!

  • over 2 years have passed. Any news on the drop shadow? or decent glow/bevel/stroke?

  • You can write your own shaders with the SDK.

  • You can write your own shaders with the SDK.

    Yeah, and i also can write my own engine or game creator.

    3rd party plugins/effects made via SDK are something optional, not some granted charity labor you can count on. Beside, your answer do not match the question.

    I was not asking: "hey how can feature A, B and C come to reality?"

    I was asking "Are there any NEWS?" Aka - is someone still working on this? Do anybody remember? Then "bump" if not. Because the few missing shaders would be very helpful.

    So you come to a restaurant and ask do they serve pancakes. And as an answer - the owner tells that you can go home and make your own pancakes.

    Great. Cool. Awesome. You knew that. Yet still you've came here. Because if making those pancakes all by yourself would be an option - you probably would STAY home. Quite logical, isn't it?

    So yeah. Is anybody, from the official dev. team still working on new shaders/effect? If not - could your spare some time and make those few missing, please? If not - why?

    I like knowing whats the exact status quo. So i can figure out a workaround if its needed.

  • Irbis, Ashley is the dev team. And based on his answer, he isn't working on shaders for it, so if you want them, you will have to contact some other user(s) have created shaders before. Or, like Ash said, make 'em yourself.

  • My point was the SDK allows you to look in to it without having to wait for us to get round to it. We get requests like this daily, and many of them are non-trivial to implement, and there's simply not the time to do everything immediately. Hopefully we will get round to it eventually, but I can't give an ETA on anything specific.

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