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  • Hello, Construct 2 family and relatives.

    I've been lurking in the shadows of this forum and website, and just decided to start becoming more social today due to some exporting intelsdk-related doubt that came to me. I mean, the NEW one, which has been a major update for everything and might make it, finally, a solid exporting option.

    Is there going to be in the near future a new Construct update in sync with the new Intel SDK NEW changes? I really hope so, and encourage Scirra to do so! The Construct tutorial is still not updated, and the exported files still call to deprecated appmobi js's which aren't used anymore.

    Anyone used the Intel XDK NEW to export any Construct 2 game with some success?

    What do you think of it? The new android testing app ("App Preview" is its name) seems like a great improvement from the old App Lab. Play Store Link->

    To update the sdk, go here:[url=][/url]

  • Would like to know too.

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  • do they have any support for ad networks? that's one thing i like about cocoonjs.

  • I just went to download the new XDK and unfortunately it supports Windows 7 on up, and I'm using Vista. Which is a shame so I'm stuck with Cocoonjs or Phonegap in the meantime.

    Kind of a bummer.

  • I've tested my games with Intel New XDK

    Overall result: Not better than CocoonJS

  • After some tries, I'm still not fully convinced with the Intel SDK/Crosswalk.

    Long launching times, doubts about the performance and other stability issues. Buit it still has its winning points, though,

    I'm going to do the full process with a game in both publishing methods (CocoonJS and Crosswalk) and post the results.

  • I was going to do something similar. My CocoonJS builds run a lot smoother than my Crosswalk ones. Slight loss in frame-rate ( bout 5fps ) but it seems to jerk slightly when playing off the Intel SDK

  • Well, after a lot of trial and error, here comes the published result in Play Store. Still in developing state (3 of 5 minigames, will finally be just 4), but fully functional:

    Aftersún ¡El Juego del programa de Aragón TV! ... goaftersun

    It has been exported with Intel XDK v876. I've quit trying to use CocoonJS because of the black screen issues. Intel XDK has proven to be more stable, but slower in other tests. I don't really know what could be failing in my CocoonJS export protocol, but the programming seems to be fine. Black screen, no music, no errors, no solution no matter what I do.

    Comments about Intel XDK:

    • Compatibility is a bit low for a minigame, though. It's just needs quite a device. Dual core, 1Gb Ram at least. In a powerful device, no problems whatsoever.
    • Slow loading.
    • No exit dialogue when pushing back button.
    • Some crashes in older android versions.
    • Twitter plugins work fine.
    • Facebook plugin seems a little buggy.
    • The publishing interface has improved a lot in the last versions, now accepts icons, splashscreen and such.

    Here's the web version:

  • My only issues with XDK right now are:

    1. I have to export & build every time I want to test using the Crosswalk platform since the debugger doesn't currently support 3rd-party plugins.

    2. Efficiency needs some work, Android exporter exports with unused icons (more of a C2 problem) would be nice if some performance acceleration was present.

    Intel App Preview has not been very helpful, it gave me crashing errors even when the app was not even in memory and had some problems during app testing.

    You can handle the back button using the Browser object's condition "On Back Button Pressed"

  • My only issues with XDK right now are:

    You can handle the back button using the Browser object's condition "On Back Button Pressed"

    How come I didn't think of this!!!

    Thanks a lot, I'll try. Don't know if it will close the game, though,

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