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  • The new features in the C2.109 beta release are awesome.

    One suggestion though centers around "The new template/example dialog replaces the old New Project dialog. Now you can choose from over 70 templates or examples right from Construct 2." excerpted from the download page and its organization of these 70+ items within the dialog.

    It would be great if there was "New Project Dialog Organization" i.e. these were grouped somehow where I have provide a quick off the cuff example below to give a gist of what I mean as it might be a bit overwhelming to a newbie or others to scroll through 70+ items right off the bat.

    Again, this is just a minor organizational suggestion and the example below is just for illustration purposes which could not be correctly formatted but is formatted correctly at my ideone page.

    New Project > Empty Project

                > Project with Common Objects

                > Retro Style Project

                > Facebook Project

                > Windows 8 Project

                > Mobile Project > Empty Mobile Platform Project

                                 > appMobi Project

                > Template > Platformer > Basic Platform Setup

                                        > Infinite Jumping

                         . . . . .

                          > Physics > Puzzle

                                     > Catapult

                         . . . . .

                > Example > Demo Game > Ghost Shooter

                                      > Space Blaster

                                      > How to make a platform game

                                      > Tutorial > How to make an Asteroids clone in under 100 events by Kyatric

                                      > Other tutorials ...

                          > Behavior > 8 Direction > Part 1

                                                    > Part 2

                         . . . . .

                                      > Bullet > Bouncing Balls ...

                         . . . . .

                                      > Platform > Part 1

                                                 > Part 2

                         . . . . .

    Thanks for all that you do in the continued and rapid development of the C2 platform and C2.109 beta release looks awesome.

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  • I admit I was a little uncertain about how to design the dialog, but I think the flat list works out OK: the search in the top-right still lets you find things quickly, and I do actually want beginners to go through sequentially if possible. Going through everything in the list would teach a beginner a great deal, and I'm not sure if having deep categories or folder heirarchies might just end up basically hiding some useful content from beginners.

  • Ashley, thanks for your quick reply and I can understand your thinking and hopefully it will be easy for everyone to navigate as there is a lot of useful items for learning and deploying C2 in the new project dialog.

  • I had the same reaction as jwjb at first, but it's true that the search box is a good trick.

    Once you notice the examples and templates are ordered through "levels" and using the keyword beginner, advanced or even some plugin name (platform for example), it makes the list far more browsable.

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