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  • I'm a bit confused on all the new phonegap information. Say I wanted to target only iOS8 for my upcoming game. I understand phonegap is probably the way to go, but all the information in C2 about phonegap (when you export, the links to tutorials) all point to old phonegap information. Is all of this still accurate?

  • All our existing PhoneGap documentation was written around 2011, so I guess a lot has changed. I'll go through and review it all before the next stable build.

    It should be relatively straightforward though, and PhoneGap Build's help section should also get you going.

  • ArcadEd You can also check out Adobes PhoneGap cloud compiler, which is very similar to how CocoonJS works:

  • Thanks guys, I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something by just exporting as phonegap and using phonegap build. My game never starts on my device, just crashes back to the ipad desktop. Now that I know I am going about it right, I'll start troubleshoooting.

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  • I think the biggest confusing part was the lack of information surrounding the config file and the icons for the app. I'm also a bit lost when it comes to testing it right now... I've not looked too in depth, but I found CocoonJS to be idiot proof to some extent... never got achievements or leaderboards to work - which is the main reason I want to try PhoneGap.

  • I'm having issue exporting to phonegap still. All the build process is working fine, I am getting the .ipa. Just testing the game always crashes back to ipad desktop.

    Are their known plugins that are not compatible with Phonegap?

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