New Owner - Best Practices? Chrome/IE Challenges

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  • Hello all , I've been playing around with Construct 2 and several other alike engines, today I came to my decision and purchased Construct 2!

    I am working on a fun little project which will heavily depend on using the WebGL effects and video I produce and bring in from After Effects/Premier.

    One of the challenges I've been experience is of course with browser compatibility, this game has been planned to be produced for browser consumption however issues related to "choppy" framerates for the videos I produce (regardless of quality/format) on Chrome is bothersome as I have not been able to find a solution on the forums. Turning off WebGL fixes the problem with the video but now I cannot use the fancy effects on my graphics and particles.

    Internet Exploder seems to work fine in most instances but makes me cry for using it. As it does not play OGG files for some reason where Chrome does.

    For those veterans I'm sure you have ran into these challenges before, do you have any suggestions or DO's / DONT's before I follow the wrong path with development?

    Thank you very much!

  • You might google some of the other games you've seen using both video, and fx, and see how they did it.

  • IE and Safari play M4A audio files while Chrome and Firefox play OGG audio files. You'll need to include both types in your project to support all browsers.

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  • The latest beta update has a fix for a bug which caused choppy playback in Chrome. We should have a stable update out soon anyway that will include the fix.

    There isn't one audio or video format that plays in all browsers, which is probably the main compatibility problem of HTML5. Apple and IE/Edge only play AAC audio and H.264 videos, but all other browsers can play Ogg Vorbis/Theora & VP8.

  • Thank you very much for your responses. I now understand the reasoning for the multiple video fields, I will also try out the new beta and see the affect.

    Thank you very much!

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