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  • After Intel XDK updated to the latest version (the one with all the Cordova related menus), now all my apps inexplicably request the SMS permission even though I never checked off anything related to SMS. Also, it won't install as an update to anything made with an older version of Intel XDK. Maybe it's because the apk has a different naming system. And yet somehow, it managed to retain the bug that cuts off playing audio after a few seconds.

    What should be done to ensure compatability with previous versions of apps built by older version of Intel XDK and how do I get rid of the SMS permission?

  • Zygorithm did you open your old project or make a new one? it asks for SMS when you add the Media or Device plugins i dont remember which. Also nothing changed compatibility wise if you cant install over your old apk you made a mistake somewhere. Most likly you changed your App ID or you are build using a different build system i.e Crosswalk instead of Android and vise versa. (sounds like your using Android because of the sound bug )

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  • volkiller730 I opened my old project, and XDK said it would upgrade the project to the new version. I made sure both the App ID and the package name were the same (SAOVR and com.zygorithm.saovr) and I used Crosswalk for both of them. And yet, it tells me "the app was not installed" unless I uninstall and install the new version from scratch.

  • I'd suggest reporting such issues to Intel.

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