New idea that you could add to construct 3 and 2!

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  • You may have though about this already but my idea is basically adding a way to play/test your game on your device without having to export. So i mean like though a wired connection to your device ( example: iphone 6 ) from a computer and a option in construct 3 and 2 ( since its still in use ) that says run on device.

    One company i am sure you know that made use of this idea is unity basically they made a app for it and you would download the app, plug iphone into computer then go to your unity work page and run on device.

    For me personally I dont use unity kinda hard for me but I love construct 2 I have released my first app to the appstore using construct 2! ... 83750?mt=8

    I am currently working on a another game for the appstore but I was having some trouble with some touch functions ( if you know how to make a in-game touch pad please message me) . But anyway obviously theres lots of befits to using have a construct 2 and 3 app demo tester.

    You dont have to have a apple developer license to test ( You should have one but just saying )

    You dont have to go through the app building process ( which takes forever!)

    You can see basic issues with lets say screen size before building

    Plus who wouldn't want this option

    I know this is not the easiest thing to do plus with the way construct 3 is used it might not work with it but i would say its worth a try even if you guys have to make small add-on program its worth looking in to. Plus it could be a nice benfit to owning a license which is a good selling point <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz">

  • BlackFalcon7842

    actually, C2 has had this ability for years! Ashley did a tutorial back in January 2012 on how to set it up:

    I use this to test on my iPhone all the time.

    On my phone, I had to open the preview from Safari the first time, but then you can choose "Add to Home Screen" to get an icon to directly launch the preview full screen without the Safari interface getting in the way. Once you have the icon it will launch what ever project you are previewing on your computer - so you don't need one for each project, it is a link to the server and will load what the server (your computer) is running.

    EDIT: obviously, for this to work, your phone has to be on your local wifi network so that it can talk to your computer...

    EDIT2: It also allows you to preview in Debug mode on your phone. The debugger is a little small, but it help tell you how well your phone is handling draw calls, cpu usage, etc...

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  • AllanR

    O wow i had no idea definitely gonna try this out right now. It still would be cool if they had there own app that you could open construct files in so you can take a app on the go plus you don't have to be in a browser

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