New IDE of Intel XDK & importing construct2 source, issue.

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  • Hi ,

    When i Import my exported code in XDK , then it asks me to to provide source directory

    "Use Cordova Plugins" and "Game Project"

    If i select yes to the game project , then it gives me the list of different game engine e.g.

    Basic Canvas Game






    , i am not sure which one should i select. I just want to build my project for android with crosswalk but before reaching to that step this selection part is confusing.

    1) Shall i select "Basic Canvas Game"? Which one is much better choice from performance point of view?

    2) If i do not want to use cordova native plugins then do i still need to select cordova plugins option in order to run this on mobile? (though I have exported my srouce to cordova)

    I was following tutorial but i think it has to be updated as according to new XDK IDE . ...

    Kindly guide me...

  • Bump,

    I'd like to know more about those settings too

  • Same doubt here...

  • I have used basic canvas and corodva plugin selected , it worked fine but little slow. (Though i am not using any cordova plugin but i have selected this )

  • Bump.. same question.

    Anyone know?

  • On Intel XDK v1995:

    1. Projects

    2. Start a new project

    3. Templates

    4. Blank

    5. HTML5 + Cordova

    6. Continue

  • No Intel XDK v1995:

    1. Projetos

    2. Inicie um novo projeto

    3. Modelos

    4. Em branco

    5. HTML5 + Cordova

    6. Continuar

    7.abri o construct 2

    8.exportar para html ( free ) ou cordova ( licença )

    9.selecionar a pasta que criou o projeto do xdk

    10.abra e selecione a pasta ( WWW)

    11. clik exportar

    12. vá para o xdk

    13. teste o game

  • I'm struggling with this too... Shouldn't Construct 2 be listed under the game engines? I swear it was there last time I made a build for my game. Did they drop support for Construct 2 or what?

    I couldn't get my game work through Basic Canvas option :/

  • you must select basic canvas option with cordova plugin. Without cordova plugin it will not work

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  • This threw me too. Here what works:

      1. Start new project. 2. Import your code base. 3. Set 'Use Cordova Plugins' to 'Yes' 4. Set 'Game Project' to 'No'. Unintuitive, but there it is. 5. Import, go from there.

    DON'T chose 'blank canvas game'; it doesn't work. Instead of your game you get some kind of test app.

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