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  • You mean some post-it over the code and/or layout ?

    Over layout. I remember it from Photoshop where it's really helpful when you make say, template for a website and you can leave comments for a coding guy.

  • I don't think html5 will ever be used for games.

    I tried making a topdown shooter and it was really slow, especially when loops where initiated.

    After adding a tiled backdrop the game was so slow it could not be played.

    Also, the export function did not work in the latest releas, although, that might be something you did on purpose because the final version will not be free?

  • Urled, what browser did you try? Have you tried IE9? It's really fast - usually a solid 60fps.

    What didn't work about the export function? It's supposed to work. If it's a bug we'd definitely like to fix it - see reporting bugs.

  • Well, i tried exporting it because i wanted to try it in another browser.

    In application preferences another browser could be selected, but for some reason construct always ended up opening firefox (the latest version).

    I don't know if it was a bug. When the exported project was opens the bordered box in which the game was supposed to be was empty. This did not happen in the older versions of Construct I tried.

    I will try making a new application and export it. If it does not work I'll report it. <img src="smileys/smiley14.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Can you send me the .capx file for any projects that don't run once exported? (ashley at scirra dot com) Hopefully it's something I can fix. Also let me know which browsers you're using, so I can check the same ones.

  • I don't think html5 will ever be used for games.

    Well... It's already used... and quit successfully.


  • He may mean long games, I don't really see 40+ hr games being played on the web, not saying it can't be done but you may lose your saves because of cookies or it simply doesn't load your save as apposed to someone else's.

  • He may mean long games, I don't really see 40+ hr games being played on the web, not saying it can't be done but you may lose your saves because of cookies or it simply doesn't load your save as apposed to someone else's.


    This can also happen on "solid" window application.

    Plus C2 already has a plugin Webstorage that takes advantage of the disk space that browsers are now allowed to use on any computer they are executed on.

    There are 5 Mos (10 for chrome), and, it seems to me, it is not only cookies.

    I really can't understand why people are so negative about all this.

    FFS, you are given the opportunity to make easily games and applications that requires no other download than the mere assets of the application for your end-user and all I see is dissing.

    As far as I'm concerned I see potential and opportunity.

    Remember also that C2 was announced as an eventuality like in january. And look the way already made since !

    And it is still a one-guy developped tool !

    Even though I quoted you rukiri, this rant isn't directed towards you specificaly.

    It is more global, to any people dissing, whereas it seems to me it is dissing without knowing.

    Well all that to say, if you aren't pleased with what C2 has to offer right now, leave it be.

    CC has been developped for years, so yeah, it has far more features, more documentation.

    C2 is "only" on its 50th pre alpha release. ^^

  • Well I don't see why one couldn't bundle it in an installer for download, download it to desktop and run an EXE that just opens the local directory and run it in a browser. so it will still be able to be downloaded and played locally on Mac, Linux and PC if one don't want it played online per se.

    I also think that, given time to mature that people will write wrappers and plugins to enhance it past HTML 5.

    imho when you look at Flash and where it has gone, and what one can essentially do with it, it gives you a great "Game Development" tool. The problem was the plugin.

    now we COULD have the same type of thing with Construct 2 + the ability to use visual building blocks and not thousands of lines of code to do it.

    That's a great opportunity.

    I think people are scared that HTML5 is lacking and it is a little bit in some areas but it will get there, the browsers will get there, people will get there.

    If you look at other *ahem*gamemakers*ahem* they too are moving towards HTML5 - where some of them have upper hand and only there is that they are also working towards iOS and Android publishing. Ashley is only 1 guy, so give it some time, it will get there.

    I personally see a lot of benefits and as a newb to Construct 1 and 2 as a whole i am looking over what is possible. I would LOVE to add some ideas and just maybe help shape it a little so i can use it to develop the games i have in mind.

    Kastas, I ran those HTML 5 games on my iPad 2 and only Biolab was smooth where the other was bogging down, unplayable. Hopefully the new iOS5 as well as the new safari build will aid to make HTML5 run quicker..... they have's the future. :)

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  • It was becuase I was offline at that computer, and it required the jquery thing! Now it works perfect!

  • Thank you very much for your great work ! ! !

  • Oh Ash, I just came to think about it:

    Could you add an action "Comment". An action that wouldn't be executed, as it is strictly a comment, within the "actions" list of an event.

    We can comment events, levels in subevents, and I use a lot comments to break and organize my code. Comments as label if you will.

    And some times, with a lot of actions of different natures (using and targeting different objects) to know where I was, I often wished to be able to put comment inside the actions.

    I hope this could be achieved before r51 release. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Instead of having a comment action, I think comments should simply be able to be put anywhere - as events, conditions or actions. I also think it would be helpful to have 'post-it' comments for the layout editor as well.

  • Before, it seemed that C2 played the preview automatically in my Firefox browser.

    The newest edition reverts back to IE, which kind of sucks.

    So, which file to I reconfigure to open previews in Firefox, again?

  • Emperor it should be in the Project properties,

    Configuration settings -> Preview Browser

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