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  • Ah sorry I hadn't noticed that! I was using Classic when I thought of it. That's great for the purpose you suggest. Seeing as that's already implemented then I guess that what I'd really like is a way of marking specific events or groups, maybe just something as simple as toggling the colour of the event background or adding an icon. Sometimes when you have a large number of events and you're not necessarily working on them in sequence it would be nice to quickly identify what's 'complete' and what needs tweaking. I hope that make sense, but obviously it depends whether that's useful to everyone!

  • This is awesome! but , will we have to pay for it when it comes out of beta?

  • If you want, they said there might still be a free version though.

  • I love free. All I can afford really, and I really like v1. I mean, I just started using it too.

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  • I was wondering : is your engine based on pure 2d stuff ?

    I mean, as we're trying with our team to enter the world of independant game creations, we're having trouble with resolution : a person playing with a really large screen would want to play with a high definition resolution, and it seems like no WYSIWYG provides a solution for that. And err, on computer you have 4:3/16:10/16:9 screens, plus a lot of different resolution. There's also the different consoles. Will construct 2 eventually be able to handle that like... using textures mipmaps ? Or is it a 2d, 2d engine ?

  • Valerien, Construct 2 can already use "fullscreen in browser" mode, where the window resizes to fill the whole screen. This means it will use the entire display regardless of aspect ratio or size. However, it's not perfect - it doesn't zoom or add black bars if you want to enforce the aspect ratio, so it's not ideal for going from a very small display to a very large one. It's something which has been a popular request since Classic so we'll try and come up with something, though.

  • You can already adjust resolution in classic fine, just change display resolution to the users desktop/screen resolution (using sysinfo object).

  • You forgot to mention the part where a multiplayer plugin is being added >.>

    So... about that multiplayer plugin O.O

    (I will never give up)


  • More more more o/

    Great work people!

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  • Would it be possible to make animations "animate" in layout editor? for visual reference instead of hiting preview every few seconds

  • Would it be possible to make animations "animate" in layout editor? for visual reference instead of hiting preview every few seconds

    That will definitly be helpful. Maybe have a play button somewhere that shows when the animation runs.

    What about animating with Sprite Sheets? Is this possible currently?

    I'm new to Scirra of any form and thought i'd start out with Scirra 2 as i want to be able to build HTML 5 and later port apps. I know this is still very early but I'd like to try and find out how Scirra 2 works and maybe help think it through in terms of features.

    Would looking at documentation/ tutorials from Scirra Classic help me get my bearings with Scirra 2? I'm currently doing the Scirra 2 beginner guide.

  • Will Bones get added back in. Along with some IK Slovers built in it.

  • While working with a cap for the help section I realized, there could be a good feature in the Construct 2. I've wanted to show the guy I was helping that I edited an object on the layout, I had to wrote a comment to the event sheet editor. Would be great, if there was a drawing tool, which I could use to draw a pointer to the object and left a note. Something like in Photoshop. I think, it could be good for cooperation, when working with a team on a source, so a problem or change could be quickly recognized.

  • You mean some post-it over the code and/or layout ?

    Could be a good idea indeed.

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