New Feature Request. [+] or [-] also for Functions

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  • Hi

    First, woooa, awesome work! Keep going!

    I would like to ask a very easy to include (I think so) feature to Construct2 Edit event sheet.

    I think it would be very helpful to have a [+] or [-] to the Functions, like in the image.

    Sometimes there's a lot of events, it's hard to go through the events.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Are you referring to the folding of sub events. The +/- occur when there are sub events only. In your image your Function has no Sub events so there is no need for a [-] to fold the sub events.

  • But what can I do if a Function has a lot of events?

  • But what can I do if a Function has a lot of events?

    It's hard to go around through the Events sheet.

  • You can do an empty sub event under the function, and put the actions into it.

  • But what your saying applies to the entire Event System. It's not related to functions. Your asking for Function to support the same +- feature as the rest of the Event System. It does. You can stack tons of Actions in a single Event.

    Event is the top level. Actions are what goes inside the Event conditions.

    Aphrodite is right. Create an empty Sub Event with the button "b". Then place your Actions within it. Then your fucntion has the foldable [-]. I almost exlusivly put all my Actions within a blank sub event. Especially for functions. This is for formatting purposes of course.

    Your asking for a feature that exists but you don't know how to use.

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