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  • The platform behavior is very complicated. It supports things like running up and down slopes while the direction of gravity changes, and has had a lot of work done to avoid edge case bugs when doing things like reaching the top of a jump-thru when at exactly the peak of a jump. This is what behaviors are for: to solve these difficult problems for you, so you don't need to address them in events.

    In that case, can you make a variation of the platform behaviour without slopes?

  • For those unaware and still following this request, Rojo's Chipmunk physics has collision filtering -

  • Bumping this topic

    So I understand that this basic feature is not implemented even now ... Can someone give me some pointers how to work around it ? I have 2 players in the same screen and I need each one to have collision with specific objects.

  • Found the walkaround: Write my own platform behaviour using events

    I've tried using only 1 object with platform behaviour and the other one moved by events and switch between them, but the behaviours are executed before events so it still not working as intended. So for a simple task that was requested dozens of times before and is still not implemented I have to try all sorts of walkarounds ...

  • I would love to see this feature too, but if anyone needs it Construct 1 has this exact feature.

    Construct 1 let's you ignore any solid you want with the platform behavior.

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  • I made a list of workarounds to this issue here:

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