New facebook changes and how it affects C2

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  • So I recently tried to publish a Facebook game but I cannot. It seems that Facebook has changed a lot when it comes to how to submit a game.

    I tried to trouble shoot for about an hour today but without any success. Does anybody know how to upload a game to the new facebook?

  • Has anybody been successful with deploying to the new facebook?

  • What's changed exactly? Does it require a HTTPS url?

  • The biggest change is that there is no see app profile page. It has been replaced with an app timeline view. But with the new facebook version I can't seem to access my app.

    There is an option where you can build a custom page for your app but I haven't got that to work either. I think you might have to add the app in manually but again, I haven't figured it out.

  • The submitting is quite simple, but the main problem for most of us will be, that Facebook now required HTTPS... and a Certificate that is validated by every browser is way too expensive.

    When everything is set up correctly, you will see a "Play Game" Button on the Timeline Page.

    This is my example I set up:

    The Game does not work, as I am updating PHP at the moment on my server :)

  • What did you do differently in the scirra tutorial on how to make a facebook game.

  • I am on a german layout, so a few words might be different for you than my translation :)


    -> Basics

    --> Applicationdomain: Enter here the domain you have uploaded your game to

    --> Facebook Integration

    ---> Website: You need to insert a website, even if it does not exist at all

    ---> Application on Facebook: Secure Canvas-URL (Enter here the path to your game, starting with https://)

    And that's all... nothing more I did :)

  • Huh, that's annoying, I'll see if I can update the tutorial at some point.

    Ubivis - SSL certificates used to be expensive, but they're a lot cheaper now. For example, there's one for �10 a year at Shop around and you'll find similar deals elsewhere.

  • Ashley

    Are those approved certificates?

    You can also get some for free, but your browser will still bring up a security notice, if the company that gave your the cert is not in the list of trusted ones. :(

  • Ubivis

    I have done this before but I cannot seem to find a link to my game on my facebook page. Did you select see app timeline view to see it?

  • hmm, I am not sure about this anymore. I set the page up last week to play around with the new features. You could try :)

  • I have been tinkering around with the entire platform for the last two days. Im not getting anywhere.

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  • well I'm very confuse with facebook.

    I get to publish my game in FB but I had to buy a https hosting to my game.

    No other way to work.But I'm confuse because the game just display in a page that I can't customise ... and I don't know a very good way to promove this in a official page in FB.There is just a link in a page and I can't connect both.

    The Hiscore is my other problem... after had a lot of help in the forum I get this to work, but late I discover that its just publish my own score, and for some friends... I don't know why.I think all my code is OK, but its don't work.

    I'd like Ashley try to publish there and if you guys from SCIRRA make a tutorial more detailed showing the settings inside facebook and in Construct.

    Anyway here the link for my game, and I hope publish this in Arcade very soon.

  • You can still use most of the facebook functionality if you set it up and use the app secret and app ID. You just can't see the app on facebook.

  • Facebook API only allows you to access Your own scores and some friends, its no coding issue its a "feature".

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