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  • To align it more with an IDE like Visual Studio, I would interested into seeing a more robust export/build system. It would blend the abilities of the export wizard and the configuration panel.

    Basically I would like a box with a bunch of rows in it. Each row would have a checkbox, export type and destination (and a few other options)

    I could check what configs to build to what folders all at once.

    It would obviously increase build time, but it would be nice to define these stuff once, and just hit go.

    Also, layouts could be tied to config's, etc. Thoughts?

    I bring this up as we really start to step into a minefield when it comes to apple/android/WP7.8 fragmentation. We will increasingly need to see a way to manage all the different screen sizes, Cpu powers etc. This might help alleviate some of that pressure and worry, if we can set it up in this fashion.

  • I really like this idea! It should be combined with the Configurations (View/Configurations) what is a work in progress feature for about 10 releases now. (

    I also have to take big efforts to keep my game crossplatform, but customized for each platform in the same time.

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  • The issue is that this really is two problems. Confiuration management and build management. the build wizard is easy. The hard part is linking different layers, layouts and sprints to different builds. How do you assign 5 different sprites to a character that represents 5 different devices? My idea just kicks it off, I have no clue how to solve this.

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