New bugs with "animation finished"?

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  • I'm using r87 and am trying to insert an "animation finished" condition at the top of an event. ITS NOT THERE! (animation category only offers "compare frame" and "is playing")

    So, then I copy and paste an "is anim animation playing" for the same sprite from another event, then try to edit it so that I can chance which animation its checking for the finish of...BOOM! Instead of letting me edit the name of the animation, it thinks I'm trying to check for "is between two angles"!

    Anyone else having these issues?

  • you have other condition that is a trigger (with a green arrow next to it). you cannot have two conditions that are triggers in one event. ie. you cannot make a "on start of layout" + "on animation finished" in the same event.

  • No, there was no other green arrow trigger condition, BUT, I discovered if I started a new event from scratch, I could test for "on animation finished" just fine, AND I could then drag that condition I just created to where I needed it.

    But If you can do what I did and it worked, why not just let me create it there in the first place?

  • I can't reproduce the "bug".

    It would be nice if you could provide a capx and the precise steps to reproduce the error.

  • Please read how to report bugs then post the issue to the bugs forum complete with .capx, reproduction steps, etc. etc.

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  • Well, I didn't want to post it as a bug if it was a known issue or if I was just doing somehting silly, and my time is really limmited right now. I'll try and figure out how to reproduce the issue and report back when I get the chance.

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