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  • Hi,

    can anybody create new audio plugin? This plugin in c2 is crappy, it works only in desktop browsers...


  • It works on mobile/cocoonjs for me

  • Try it in iOS 5 safari ;)

  • First important question what formats is your sound in?

  • wav, ogg, m4a ...

  • It should work fine in iOS 6+. iOS 5 basically doesn't support browser audio at all. About 95% of all iOS users are on iOS 6 now.

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  • but i test it in android in chrome/dolphin/opera and it does not work too (tablet nexus 7)

  • Can we get a capx of just the sound and the playing. strip the other game elements away.

  • For example, i tested Space Blaster demo... sounds works only sometimes...

  • Hi Raiper341, I have similar problem as well:

    NO SOUND: iOs 6 iPhone 4s

    NO SOUND: Android 4.2.1 on Galaxy Nexus

    YES SOUND: Chrome on Vista

    YES SOUND: Firefox on Vista

    All run through my server at:

    To isolate problem, I used C2's own example of the side-scroll game template and only add a single music file.

    To isolate audio file conversation problem, i created a m4a and a ogg myself then imported into the project.

    If you want take a look and let me know if we have similar problems...

  • I used .vaw and i coverted to ogg and m4a trought construct 2 buildin exporter... So Self created m4a and ogg files do not wokr too....?

  • I can confirm that sound in chrome for android on nexus 7 has some issues, but instead of blaming Construct2 you should rather blame Chrome itself, since testing in the latest firefox for android version sound perfectly works (background music + sound FX) (tried on my game Drop da Piew in Scirra's arcade).

    As far as cocoonJS goes, the sound in android works also as intended.

    From the get go it has been clearly documented (throughout Scirra's blog) that sound support is a massive headache.

    If the browsers don't implement the proper sound support, there's not much that can be done from Scirra's perspective.

  • I know this thread is getting old, but just to add to Kyatric's comment...

    Chrome is great desktop browser but on Android device I have found it to be pretty useless.

    I use Chrome on desktop, a Galaxy 10.1 Tablet (using latest Chrome beta), and also an iPad mini, for testing games.

    One game I am working on:

    Desktop: Solid 60 FPS sound always works.

    Galaxy: 10-20 FPS and the sound mostly never works.

    iPad mini: 55 + FPS and the sound always works!

    So I think it is not C2 that is at fault....

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