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290 static tiles (32x32 in size) + 2 animations for use in your project!
  • Tom Alternative upload via URL worked, strange that I was getting that error then! Oh well thanks for checking it out, I will use via URL from now on.

  • SeriouslyCrunchy Where have you uploaded th files on your site or some upload server? If later let me know the name, so I can try uploading there. Dropbox and google drive failed for me for alternate url upload.

  • famekrafts

    I did it on dropbox but make sure its in the public folder and then 'get public link'. That worked for me. Of course you can delete them later if you don't want to keep them in your public folder.

  • Ok I am going to try it out..

    Edit: Public folder only available for Pro dropbox users, not worth it.

  • Tom

    I have tried uploading using normal and url method. It just resets after 4 % upload or shows a blank webpage. What should I do? Tried chrome and firefox as well.

  • Tom I removed some of the files from the zip folder( which was initially about 388 mb). Now the folder is just 105 mb and it is easily uploading. I think the bug is in the site. I had contacted you regarding this for another file as well. Once I reduce the size below 200 mb, it easily uploads.

    Please have a look at it because I am unable to provide those extra files to the people who would buy the packs.

    edit: now it is resetting at 21%. Do all sellers have any total data limit to what they can upload. I have easily uploaded over 2GB of data on scirra stores. Maybe I have crossed some fixed limit for sellers.

    I have removed the cookies as well as tried a different browser. The only thing that fits is that I am not able to upload for some file size limit reason maybe

  • There's a few technical reasons which are difficult to solve at the moment for file upload. This is why we offer upload via URL. Is there any where else you can host the file?

    Am looking into the possibility of giving every seller an FTP account but it's difficult to implement.

  • Tom I am looking for sites where I can upload but most of them are paid sites and there is still no guarantee that the scirra up-loader will actually work with them. It seems to download from dropbox/google drive but resets the % up-loader after a percentage is reached and then after 2 attempts gives a blank page.

    For time being if you can setup an ftp that will help, especially if it can work with filezilla etc.

    Other game asset store, I am uploading on is also facing the same issue with their up-loader for large files, so they have asked to share the files on dropbox and are manually copying and pasting on their server from dropbox for each client.

  • Any thoughts on adding Google Wallet?

    Just got the card, and its pretty cool( especially the no fees thing).

  • newt probably not sorry, I think we currently offer something 99% of people can use. May introduce other options in future but it's fairly involved to add new payment processors

  • With it being from Google it should hopefully gain that kind of use fairly well.

    Frankly I'm a little surprised the net hasn't pushed back against Paypal and the like for the fees they charge.

  • Hey any chance for twitter to be an option as a customer support link?

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  • Tom If we put discount on bundles and sale, how are the fees calculated? They will be calculated on the initial fees of single pack or the new discounted fees, say 50% off.

    I had my first bundle sale today and I am a bit confused as to exactly how percentage fees were deducted.

  • famekrafts it's calculated as follows:

    • You set a % off
    • This % off it applied to all items in the bundle at their current sale price (rounded down to nearest penny)
    • The total of this amount is charged
    • On occassion, 20% is deducted as sales tax (VAT).
    • Then, payment processing fees are deducted
    • Then we deduct 30% as our commission
    • The remainder is your profit

    If you have a bundle AND an item in the bundle is also on sale, the bundle discount for that particular item is the sale discount or the bundle discount, whichever is greater. Just something to keep in mind.

    Bundles are advantageous in that they encourage buyers to buy more items from you than they might of otherwise.

    FAQ has some more details:

    (refer to "custom bundles" question)

    If you have a specific question about a particular sale, send me an email with a link to the bundle and I am happy to go through it with you and make sure it's all OK.

  • Since the asset store is new, I'll just leave some brief feedback:

    System was smooth! There was a small bug that things stayed in my shopping cart until I redeemed them (I had to go buy more swag). For pragmatic people though I'd request either better items filters or a more text heavy layout in the future if possible. Otherwise, cool beans ya'll.

    (use case, an image of a song does not describe anything to me, nor does a thumbnail of most bundles, and descriptive text would be much more useful.)

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