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  • Hey, how to update an existing asset? I'm don't find this option. I have a great update, so, would be cool if someone show me where is hiden update-button )


    Oh-oh! Founded! Sorry!

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  • I created a new item to sell and uploaded the zip, but it still says there are 0 versions even if I try re-uploading. The file is listed in the versions though, Is this a bug? Does it prevent me from getting the item approved and in the store?

  • Sold my first asset Feeling pretty good!

  • Prominent it will say 1 required until one is approved, sorry for confusion!

  • Paypal is a little too anonymous for us, we want to verify that the seller has a valid credit/debit/amex card in their name. This gives them more accountability for what they upload and if there are any legal disputes in the future (for example from uploading and selling other peoples work).

    Hi Tom, i see problems with the credit card thing, here in germany for instance its not so common to have a credit card, plus because the germans seem to not like credit cards but on international basis you sometimes need one there are prepaid credit cards which can be used totally anonymously (if you want, my google playstore was opened with one of them) so its not a secure at all to rely only on the fact someone has a creditcardnumber.

    btw. is there a way to see who bought my items?

  • Tom I never use anything but paypal. I feel secure and been using it for nearly 6 years. Never had any trouble. Even had some dispute over payment on Ebay. Paypal refunded my money with in 28 days

  • fldr no way to see buyers I'm afraid. This is by design.

    If you are a long term user of Scirra/Construct 2 (have been registered and active for > 1 year) and can't use a credit/debit card to activate a seller account, drop me an email to with your username and we may allow a seller activation fee to be paid by Paypal on a per case basis.

  • fldr no way to see buyers I'm afraid. This is by design.


    i had hoped to see them so i could give them a good support or maybe a free redeem code for a new product and such things

  • fldr we understand this, but unfortunately we also have to balance it with respecting the privacy of the users. We may in the future add in ways to contact them to the seller account pages but not planned at the moment. Hope you understand!

  • yeah i do understand, but do the users have a way to show me that they have purchased my items if they have questions or found bugs or arent satisfied with the product?

  • fldr Put a readme file in the zip file with your contact details, so they can contact you directly.

  • Tom When uploading assets, the uploader is resetting after 4 % upload. Not sure it is happening only on my end, as I have switched to a new ISP. Can anyone test and confirm?

  • famekrafts, my upload got stuck at random percentages for quite a number of times. I login again and tried again and the same thing kept happening, so I stopped and when I checked at my menu, it had actually already been uploaded, and I ended up uploading the same file twice. Try going to your menu and check if it has already been uploaded.

  • The file size is over 388 mb. With uploader showing just 4% at the bottom of the page, doubt it will upload so fast. I uploaded on dropbox, but for some reason link uploader is not able to read the zip file.

    I am going to try uploading on google drive or some other place and see if it can read it.

  • Nope, I uploaded on google drives, this time it is reading the file but the loader resets at 4% and then after 3 tries gives a blank screen.

    So internet is not a problem. Either it is the cookies in the browser or the uploader is not working properly.

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