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  • Google Play Game Services

    Have anyone heard how this works? ive added it to one of my games done by construct but i dont know if it will work. Is there no coding to be done? for example ive added 5 archievements like high score ect... but my game hasnt got a highscore table or construct hasnt got any option for this new service?

  • Yep we have. I think there are 3 other threads :) Thanks for the info :)

    To bad there is not HTML bindings :( C2 can't access Java directly, so it needs to go throught he wrapper. maybe CJS will come out with one soon :)

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  • A plugin for Google Play Game Services would be welcome!

  • Is there a release date for that plugin?? CocoonJS (Ludei) have added this service already.

  • Ludie and Scirra are at odds with each other.

    Ludie doesn't provide detailed enough changes to there system. So Ashley can't usually update the the plugin accordingly. So Ashley made the point very clear to Ludie that there plugin needs to be updated by Ludie.

    Has Ludie updated there plugin; not that I know of. For the most part Ludie has washed it's hands for the most part when it comes to C2. Happy for us to put there games on, but not really forthcomming on assistence. Of course if you payed for there optional license I'm sure they would be much more helpful.

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