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  • Tested in APK not in XDK.

  • IntelRobert

    The simple one works, but not the one in my game. So I just sent you a PM with my capx.

  • finally i exported my game to android and it worked!

    but there is 3 problems: can i hide notification bar? can i disable landscape?

    3.sound come from ear speaker(the one that use for phone call) not the back speaker!

  • ALI3D69

    These are all known issues and being taken care of, check in from time to time to see updates (in this thread)

  • How do you use this?? Ive been looking to use this but i cant,I dont have windows 7.Is there a different way because i never seen a tutorial od how to.

  • I have found a roadblock inside Crosswalk/ Construct 2

    I will try to explain this as thoroughly as possible.

    I am using the Facebook Complete plugin created by lanceal. I log into Facebook through the login dialog, which redirects the app to an external web page for Facebook login. However this works, the Facebook API requires a redirect URL, which I have given it, however the redirect URL points to a personal server of mine. So the Crosswalk exported app gets ignored, since the Facebook API redirects the URI to a external web page (page on my server) instead of the exported app.

    I am not sure who to address this to, IntelRobert or Ashley

    There does not seem to be a native login through Facebook option yet, through C2 or Crosswalk, and it would be a great thing to introduce.

    Summary: Crosswalk exported app, login through Facebook, the Facebook API redirects the page to a pointed page on my web server, so basically I am not using the exported app from Crosswalk, I am using a web page.

    Edit: I was looking, Crosswalk does support WebRTC which enables Facebook native like communication? Is this correct?

  • GameThirsty - does the same thing happen in the Chrome for Android browser? If so it's not a Crosswalk bug, perhaps an issue with the plugin.

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  • anyone have issues with intel xdk opening? mine says initializing and never goes further

  • Nope, just reinstall the latest version.

  • Ive tried reinstalling. I am now trying some google suggestions. I have tried clearing cache, clearing the global settings.

    I am now unistalling all my java and that didnt work.

    Now to try to install the latest java again....will update later with results.

    Meantime, if anyone has encountered this and has a solution that would rock.

    On windows 8

  • Ashley

    Yes the same thing happens inside Chrome. It is technically not a bug, it is doing the right job, inside the Facebook Developer Console, I have Web as my Platform, and I have a redirect URL to my index.html page for my app. So whenever Facebook login comes up, put my credentials in, and login it redirects me to the index.html page on my web server.

    I know this is pointing to my index.html page instead of the Crosswalk export is because I tried to use the action-

    On Mobile Back button pressed -> set Text to "It works!!"

    When I would export and get my .apk file, I would try it, login through Facebook, and come to the layout where I can press the back button, the text does not change. This is why I know it would go to my index.html page, because the Chrome browser does not support back button.

    Now after I have seen it not work that away, I tried a new project inside C2 this time, no Facebook login, and use the same back button action as above, and it worked. The text did change correctly, because I was still running on the export, and not a web page.

    So basically taking the Crosswalk app, and ignoring it. I think this is because there is no Native support for Facebook integration with any mobile devices that run C2 apps. CocoonJS, Crosswalk to be the two major ones without native support.

    In the developers console on Facebook, you can distinguish the platform, and if you choose Android, you have to give a few things for the Android Facebook login to work natively, these are in this screenshot:

    However, even if you added these credentials to the Facebook developers console, there is no way for C2 to use native Facebook integration.

    That would be a great addition in my opinion, you open the doors to many new potential projects.

  • GameThirsty - if the same thing happens in Chrome it's most likely working correctly and is not a Crosswalk bug. Since this thread is about Crosswalk you probably shouldn't discuss it further here, maybe start a new thread about that.

  • Ashley, wouldn't this be part of Crosswalk to add Native support for Facebook on their ends?

    Edit: and on the C2 end.

  • GameThirsty - I don't know what you mean by "native" support for Facebook. Crosswalk is basically the same as Chrome for Android, so there's nothing for them to change, the Facebook plugin should work just the same in Crosswalk as it does in Chrome, which you have reported it does.

  • Ashley

    How can I prevent the app from being redirected to the index.html page on my web server then? I have to give the Facebook plugin a redirect url and also inside the Facebook dev console.

    I don't want to redirect anywhere after login, I want to stay on the app, not the external web page it redirects to.

    The back button wont work after I had logged in, due to this problem.

    You can't just redirect back to the app, how would you do that? You have to give a valid http or https address. It redirects to the index file on my web server because thats where I pointed it, as its a valid http address, it redirects with an authentication code so I can use some of Facebooks Graph API's such as getting friends photos, which requires an authentication token.

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