So what is the new admob solution for iOS ?

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  • So after months of discussion what is the offcial Admob for iOS solution that the community has settled upon at the moment until there is an official response from Ashley ?


    This is solution 1:


    <intelxdk:plugin intelxdk:name="" intelxdk:value="" />

    Inside intel-xdk.config.additions.xml.

    That will work for iOS and Android for the latest Intel XDK build.

    Ads will show up as well and it is stable, this is how it looks. ... gBoy&hl=en

    But for iOS it will be rejected by Apple.

    I know.

    My app have been rejected twice on account that is crashes the app after a few seconds.

    But for Android it works.

    Please hep by contributing your solution here in this format.

    Solution no.:


    Thanks !

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  • It should be noted that I have narrowed down the issue with the Admob crashes for iOS, it is SPECIFICALLY ONLY for the banner.

    It will STILL WORK PERFECTLY for interstitual !

    To sum it up, the CURRENT Admob Plugin still work for iOS but INTERSTITUAL ONLY !!!

    And have to be added using the "intel-xdk.config.additions.xml" edition method as described.

  • Hello! I made it and also delete cranberry admob from plugin management in IntelXDK - build complete,

    but interstitial nothing shows It appears but black

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