New 2D game art course on Udemy, coupon code inside.

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  • Hello Everyone.

    I have been a member of this community for a while now. For those that may not know me, I am both a developer and digital artist. I have been developing casual games for many years, for the mobile, flash and PC platforms. I have been fortunate enough to have published games on several game portals, like BigFish games, and others. But I have just recently completed a new project and would like to share it with the community.

    I have created a course on, for learning to create your own 2D game art. This course is specifically tailored around using a vector application to create art for your own games, with the non-artist in mind. It will show you the process I use to create fantasy/adventure style game props, starting with small objects and ramping up to more complex assets.

    This course consists of HD video, with voice over, during the entire creation process, it is not a scripted training, with all kinds of jump cuts and edits, you get to watch and learn from the raw process of building art assets from idea/concept to completion.

    A few select lectures of the class are free to everyone that wants to get a feel for what will be offered, the remainder of the course is available via a fee. I would encourage anyone that is interested in learning to build 2D game art, please check out the link at the bottom of the page.

    Also, as a friend of this community, I want to offer you all a coupon code, if you are interested in the course, you can receive a large discount off the list price by using coupon code “gameart19” and get access to the entire course for only $19. Please feel free to pass this coupon code along to anyone that you feel may be interested in my course. is a great platform for online learning, and based on the results of this course, I would love to build additional courses. If you do decide to purchase the course I would love to have your review/feedback, be it positive or negative, your honest feedback will help me to improve on any future courses I may create.

    The course consists of about 7 hours of HD video, as well as the application source files used in the class.

    Here is the link to the course:

    Once again please use coupon code: gameart19 to get lifetime access to the course at the discounted price.

  • As a taker of Udemy courses, I can say confidently that $19.00 for a course with 7 hours of classes is a phenomenal bargain, assuming you do a good job presenting the concepts. I am interested and will check it out.

  • Looked it over on Udemy - seems exellent. However, can one use Illustrator to do the course?

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  • To be honest, i am not very familiar with Illustrator, never really used it.

    I have used Inkscape, and the concepts can easily apply to it as it almost an identical program to the the DrawPlus application in functionality. I know Illustrator can do vectors, but i am not sure if all the concepts easily map over to that application so I can not say for sure and would not want to misguide you.

    Best I can say, is that if you realize the course is not a good fit for you, Udemy has a pretty decent refund policy.

    yes, i realize $19 is a pretty low price, when you look at the amount of content, and the 50+ hours it took me to build the entire class. But I did it as a hobby project, it is not my day job, so I do not need to ask top dollar for a course, I want to make it more then fair for people.

  • Thanks for your honest reply, appreciate it. Another question: can the vector art programs used in this course also be used to create game characters, or are they best for objects?

  • Yes you can create characters.

    you can see a few things here i have created including characters. ... =190895248

    Also if you look at lecture #1 (it has a free preview) you can see in one screen where I show some of the art you can create, there is a little Dwarven-warrior guy i created.

    Just remember that characters are very organic, and you need to have a decent understanding of what you want to build. Meaning, if you want to make a character and you want to give him all the necessary animations, like side profile walking, back view when he is climbing a ladder, or a jumping animation you will need to be able to visualize those images so you can then start creating them. Character work is more of a second step, learning the basics is how i would start. But once you learn basics, all you really have to do is begin visualizing what you want to build, then break it down into smaller portions. Or you can look at an image as reference.

    I have an entire lecture based around image references, where i pick a random google image of a clock where we build our own replica of it using basic shapes. Just to get you familiar with the mindset of breaking down objects into smaller more manageable shapes. it is s little harder to do that with a character, since those shapes are so organic in nature.

    As with all skills, you learn basics and you continue to grow upon them, hopefully my course can help with that. And hopefully i can create more advanced courses in the future. coupon code gameart19

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