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  • Hello! I am thinking of building a game for mobile devices (the scope is android for now)

    The game will attempt to connect multiple players (at least two) over the Internet, in these sessions they are to compete with each other (live) much like a fighter game. I kindly ask now.

    Is this networking interface possible? if so, please provide examples of games that have a achieved it.

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  • C2 can play online. There are a few online samples. This is mine. It uses a simple unfinished Photon Client.

    but it proves that the TCP can work for games. However, there are a few caveats.

    * Based on TCP with WebSockets

    * Performance is highly based on stable connection. Fantastic for solid connections. Not so good with poor providers, faulty wiring, or computers with message packet problems.

    * The server is a test server located in Vancouver. So if your in Europe you will likely get higher latency.

    * There are no room management. It's just 1 room.

    * No one plays, which is ok it was for testing. So i'm not always up on keeping the server running. However it's up for now :D

    * PC only. No touch controls.

    If you want to test it. I suggest opening to clients to test it with.

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