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  • I was introduced to Construct about two weeks ago, and since then I've been coding stuff and experimenting with it. I like it - it gets a lot of the GUI/collision/etc. fiddling out of the way and let's me write the stuff I want to.

    I have just about got the networking going with the PodSixNet stuff and it's... okay. I'm just deciding whether or not to plough time into getting it working on Construct Classic, or whether networking is available in C2 yet.

    Is networking in C2?

    Will it be easier in CC eventually?

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  • Networking is planned for C2, but it's in early development still so we couldn't say when it is expected to be implemented. With the HTML5 exporter it will come in the form of Jquery/Websockets.

  • Will it be easier in CC eventually?

    Yes, eventually it will be easier in CC. I always give longer lead times on stuff, but you can expect networking in plugin form in CC within the next 4-6 months...maybe sooner.

    p.s. If you have questions about the PodSixNet stuff let me know. What kind of game are you trying to make?

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