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  • Please don't read the following as me bitching about C2 editor. I'm not bitching. I like this tool a lot. It's very, very good so far. This is simply a quiet and polite request for a power editing feature to make the C2 editor perfect...

    We need to be able to jump to any location in any event sheet with hot key and search box. I have a large game project with nearly 20 event sheets and counting. It's tedious, at best, trying to jump around in code with the current search.

    If I were building this editor, I would add a hot key [Ctrl][F] (I suppose anything really), when pressed displays a search input and gives it focus. When you type each key, a list of results displays, that is built from searching an index of all code in all event sheets. The list gives results from every event sheet in the project, not just the current. The first result should be closest match to entered search and is highlighted so that when you press [Enter] the event sheet loads and you are taken to the search result.

    Yes this is very much like Sublime Text. Yes I've talked about this before.

    I will pay more for this feature, if that's what's needed to get it in the queue

  • Ctrl+Home top of sheet

    Ctrl+End Bottom of sheet

    Ctrl+F2 Toggle bookmark at selected point

    F2 next bookmark

    Shift+F2 previous bookmark

    Will the above meet you halfway at least?

    But, you will be paying more for it... in C3 lots of cool new features are coming - lol.

  • In the Ribbon under the menu entry Events you can find a search option and there you also can set bookmarks. I know it's not a hot key but it's only one mouse click away and you can search all your events.

  • Honestly, I haven't used the bookmarks much yet. Perhaps they could provide a small editing speed-up for now. Until we can get a sooper awesome search/jump-to feature

    Thanks guys

  • How about a small (it's gotta be a crazy small code edit, it's 5 minutes for real) fix to the current search?...

    1. [Ctrl][F] jumps to find input (already works)

    2. [Enter] applies search to current tab (already works)

    3. Click on any tab, search is auto-applied to the tab (add this!)

    Right now you have to click each tab, then go up to the search input, click in it, then press [Enter] to apply to tab.

    Add some code so that when you click on a tab, it applies the search entered to that tab.

    This would be a huge boost to the current search! Right?

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  • i'd rather see something like in visual studio - ctrl +f opens a small search box, which has search next / previous / all with options in combobox where you can select

    current document / whole project / current folder / etc..

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