Much needed addition to browser plugin.

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  • Ashley

    Happy holidays first off.

    With the official browser plugin, would it be possible for you to add a open pop up similar to open new tab action? I know it's basically the same thing, just adding the window size to the initialization so it should be a relatively quick add. Could this be on the agenda for an early 2013 release please. :)

  • - what's the use case? Most websites avoid popups because they get blocked by popup blockers or don't work as expected on mobile. Best to do everything from one page if you can.

  • I hope I'm not hijacking this thread, my apologies if it seems that way. I was wondering something along the same lines. Before I got into C2 I was pretty active learning html5, CSS3, jquery, and a little js. I visited to the W3schools to learn stuff. I found a jquery plugin i really liked, and I think they call it something like "show Hide" or something like that. I made an example of it hide Its a div that collapses and opens on click, and is used a ton on the net. I was able to put a mini slideshow in one of the divs. I was wondering if you can embed a game into a panel or div like that? Would there be a bunch of conflict between the page jquery and the game code? I thought it could possibly also help the previous poster. I don't really know enough about this so my apologies if it seems like a lame question. Not really sure.

  • Ashley

    Mostly for Facebook integration. For example I want to start implementing Facebook achievements which require a redirect.

  • Val - Construct 2 games don't actually use any HTML or CSS, it's all rendered to a canvas, so generally features like that are not especially useful with C2.

    - how come you're not using the Facebook object?

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  • Ashley,

    The Facebook plugin is lacking a lot of features. I add what I can to the plugin as I learn javascript but in the meantime I'm using the Ajax/redirects to accomplish things like payments and currently working on achievements.

  • My apologies, I misunderstood what it was he was trying to achieve.

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