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  • I am struggling getting sound to play downloading from a Dropbox site in a Construct game. Does anyone have a simple .capx file known to play a sound properly on Safari Mac and iOS they would be willing to share? My test files all play properly in Chrome on Mac and iOS but not in Safari on either platform. Could Dropbox be the problem? Thanks for any help you can provide. I just need a known working sample to test see what I might be doing wrong.

  • Out of curiosity, did you upload the .m4a audio sound files, too?

  • The Space Blaster demo plays audio in iOS.

  • Yes I included both the .m4a and .ogg audio files. No matter what I do I cannot get any game made with Construct to play audio in Mac Safari or on iOS. Even the Arcade games do not play sound on Mac Safari or my iPhone 5 using Safari. Any ideas? What could possibly be wrong?

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  • I finally found the source of the problem. The sounds quit playing whenever I reload the index.html file. As long as I never reload, the sounds play on my iPhone without problem. If I reload sounds will not play. This is happens for the space demo as well.

    Any idea what might be causing this? Is this a bug or a problem with iOS Safari?

  • Did you know when iOS is required to activate the input (touch) before play the sounds?

    It's like a switch to play sounds.

  • Answer for my situation:

    I think I am running into this issue on iOS 8.1.1 on an iPad mini and an iPad 4. The first time the website is loaded all the sounds play properly. If I refresh the page, no sounds play. When I change from to, it will work once, and then not again. I uploaded a few different versions with preloading an effect on/off, and played around with the loader layout. Each time the app would play sounds once and then never again from the same link. I tried closing the tabs. I tried forcing down the browsers. I tried hosting the website on a different server. I tried clearing the cache and app data in chrome. Same result. The sound work fine on multiple reloads using Chrome on Win7. C2 r188 on most trials, and the last stable release on one set of trials. The window is being touched plenty, still no sound.

    Any ideas?

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