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  • Hello guys.

    I need to know what is "Revenue Share System" And how to earn money if the game was free to play?

    Any links/comments will be great.



  • Hi elafreat,

    As the name suggests, a 'Revenue Share System' is a system where participants share in the revenue created by a product. Generally the percentage of each individuals share, would be agreed before undertaking a project.

    If you choose to give away your app for free, you can still make money by including IAP (in app purchases). You can also generate money by placing advertising in your apps.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks Blacksmith That helps, But how can i sell the game if it was HTML5 game?

  • If the game is only available as HTML5, then I think you can license its use on game sites, but you'll need to approach some publishers for that. I haven't done this myself, so that's about as much as I know on that subject.

    If you decide to export for other platforms as well, then you have the opportunity to generate further income.

    So, you could just sell your game via app stores (Android, Windows, iOS etc.), and place a one off price on the app.

    Or (as mentioned above) you can give away the game for free, but add IAP. I this instance most people will generally just continue to use the app for free, but a small percentage will decide to purchase some or all of the extras you've added for IAP.

    And of course, you can create revenue through advertising as well.

  • Thanks again Blacksmith .

  • You can easily find publishers for your C2 games on marketjs !

    There's a tutorial on it on the tutorial section

  • Thanks Whiteclaws .. But i'm not planning to sell it :/

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  • elafreat Now I am confused, you asked him how you would sell it if it were an HTML5 game, then when he answered you said you don't intend to sell it...

    HTML5 games can be sold to publishers looking to put it on their site,they can also be packaged as apps for windows, windows phone, android and apple...

    With these even if the game is free to play you can put ads in it. Depending on the ads and the marketplace they pay you usually per every so many thousand impressions or clicks. But you still have to pay to get on those marketplaces and that is usually $100 for a year. Or I believe $50 a year for Windows Phone.

    On the other hand profit sharing usually means you and some others get together to work on it and depending on what each persons role is you get paid a percentage of the revenue once the app begins generating money. It doesn't always work out that well so I would make sure if you are going to do it that you hook up with a good team that knows what they are doing and are not just messing around with high hopes. It takes some dedication and skill to get a money making game out there. Too many people are just throwing crap out there by the ton trying to get enough people fooled into downloading it that they can make some money. The upside to that is if you do put the time and effort in your game can still stand out from the sea of sub-par poorly design crap that is flooding the marketplaces. Just my 2 cents...

    Hope this helps.

  • BluePhaze Yea .. Sorry for that .. Right now i'm not thinking to sell the games i made, Since they won't be very good, I will think of that when i be a better programmer ..

    And thanks BluePhaze and AaronSurin for the useful information.

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