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  • Hi everybody!

    I’m Sam, and completely new here. I am evaluating game platforms and have pretty simple requirements. In order to determine if Construct works for my need, I would like to pay someone to help me figure it out with a really simple and quick proof of concept. I don’t have lots of time, and you know the program - I do not. I did some reading and emailed Scirra for clarification regarding variable handling in Construct, so now I need an actual game sample.

    If you’re interested, I am looking for someone that has solid experience:

    • Consuming/reading simple variables
    • Changing the value of the variables based on simple game actions
    • Passing those variables back out

    My actual game test will consist of 1 screen and 1 button and use 2 variables. Again, it’s only a proof of concept of variable handling and the game is secondary.

    If you are available within the next few days and can help, please PM me. Aside from the game test, I will probably have a few questions about the program, the output, etc. and would like to chat on the phone or via email and would be happy to offer $100 for your time for this help. There will likely be more needs like this if this first test works for me, so it would be nice to keep in contact.

    Thanks for reading!!


  • Also - I do have a day job and can only respond in the evening. Thanks!

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  • This sounds like a very very easy test. If you were to try, you could probably do it yourself, as someone who has never used the program, in under 10 minutes. You can do it with the free program as well.

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