You need to reduce your APK file size to 100MB or use APK Ex

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  • One year of work...down the drain ? Android says no....

    You need to reduce your APK file size to 100MB or use APK Expansion Files.

    Is it over ?

    I use Intel XDK with Construct 2's Cardova.

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  • Nobody responded to this thread because this is a silent death sentence.

    I have fixed the issue MANUALLY however and I just want to share it with people who are faced with the wind of silence here for this subject as well.

    The “media” and “images” folder has been MANUALLY optimized to cut down the size of the

    overall application by 38% [From 129 MB to 80.1 MB], do whatever you can, I changed all the sounds to Mono [There are 204 Sound Files so let's just say it took hours], next I proceed to manually change the PNG Files [All 120 of them] to a lesser bit depth when possible.

    There, someone in the future that is watching this, you are welcome

  • About ~20 MB is the size of the Crosswalk Runtime. If you don't want that extra space on your apps, just select "Shared" under Crosswalk Runtime. The only problem is when a player starts your game, they will be prompted with a "Install Crosswalk Runtime" message before they can play the game.

  • If you set XDK to Android version 5+ it will not include the Crosswalk Runtime ~17MB saved, since it will use the Android's Chromium in 5+.

    Also these things you need to understand BEFORE you embark on a new project, you have to find the limitations of your target platform first and design for that.

    It used to be 50MB not long ago.

  • It's matter of time when 100mb limit no longer enough to handle such big project on android. Let say my game is video interactive that need some video gallery, of course we MUST use obb extension. There's no exception on this.

    For now i am stuck with construct 2 because of this, several months ago, promising us to release obb extension on intel XDK but until now it just a rumour.

    In other side, clickteam has release official tutorial video how to use obb extension using obb tools on youtube. And i bought clickteam on steam, but learning software need extra time and i just can't move on from construct 2. Still construct 2 is the best for me. I hope immafet could help us to make obb extension

    Edit: spell correction

  • Woah wait a sec. The limit to upload to the Google Play Store is now 100MB?!?!? This is really good news and nikosurfing, I guess it's a matter of design but with my game, it's gonna leave a ton of room for expansion once it's released!

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