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  • Hello Scirra people. Stufa at you service.

    Now I'm a computer noob whose always wanted to create video games. But it seems I only got the chance now.

    Anyway, I got through Ashley's Ghost Shooter Tutorial. I've since been looking for more tutorials for Construct 2.

    Where can I find some info on making platform games for C2?

    Or can any of you help me?

    And finally where can I find more of other creators' games?

    Thank you.

  • hello stufa,

    there are a lot of examples and demos in this thread...


    this is a good place to start.


  • link does not work

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  • sorry about that.

    here is the general c2 forum link... http://www.scirra.com/forum/construct-2-general_forum31.html

    if it does not work, simply go to - forum home> construct 2 general> your c2 tests

    hope that works for you...

  • I tried one game on there but I still don't understand platform movement with this system. Can somebody please help out and write a quick tutorial on basic platform movement?

  • have you looked at the 'platform school'?

    it's listed under forum> construct classic> your tutorials and examples.

  • Yeah I tried opening it in construct but it gave me errors and did not work. Wow, I can't believe its so hard to find help for a basic concept lol.

  • Construct2 is very young (few monthes), in developpement, few users, few documentation.

    The "Platform school" example pointed by harrio requires Construct Classic.

    It's been a while since I took a look at it, but on the concept, it should be most of the same in construct2.

    On construct2 the best ressource giving you the basic keys to the use of construct2 is the "Beginner's guide to Construct2". From there, you should be able to experiment by yourself.

    Last advise, experiment with the "platform" behavior.

    Also when you're done experimenting consider writing some documentation. As you say yourself, it is hard to find documentation about Construct2 right now.

  • Yeah I tried opening it in construct but it gave me errors and did not work. Wow, I can't believe its so hard to find help for a basic concept lol.

    Click on the search box, type in 'PLATFORM', press enter.

    You will see huge selection of platform related topics to look at.

    If your getting an error opening caps, you would be better off solving that problem before you start making games.

    You might need to install a plugin to get things working?

  • Sorry I haven't replied sooner. Thank you people. I suppose because the first construct didn't work on my laptop, for some reason.

    I never thought to check CC for some pointers. Thank you.

    If I am successful, then by all means I will try to put together templates to allow people to work their game ideas.

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