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  • if i bought it,can i use it for every new release C2 from scirra?

  • Yup.

  • ohh.. okayy.. thankss GeometriX

  • I have a question for you.

    Have you ever purchased a license that only worked for the current release iteration?

    I'm not talking about say MSOffice 2,3,4,5

    but more along the lines of

    MSOffice 2.0, 2.1, 2.3

  • jayderyu i'm never find that stuff,i just wanna know,if C2 license work same with other programs license. i'm afraid if i'm wrong to choose that

  • jayderyu

    You need to pay to use the updates on Unity 3d

  • A0Nasser

    jayderyu specifically stated updates, not new versions. If you buy Unity version 4, you get all version 4 updates. You don't have to pay when 4.1 becomes available for example. However, when 5 comes out, you will have to pay to upgrade. Construct and Construct 2 have separate licenses just like Unity 4 and Unity 5.

    All Construct 2 updates are included when you purchase a personal license. If Scirra decides the next version is a major milestone and creates a Construct 3 version, I would expect you would have to pay an upgrade cost as well.

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  • Bingo. Pretty much. However the OP has asked the same question the 3rd time this month. So I'm wondering why this mentality that people need to pay for itterative upadates rather than new release.

    Also. C2 used to be cheaper. I purchased my personal license for apx $80. however when C2 hit release 100 there was sooooo much and C2 finally hit 1.0 release. They bumped the price up. But everyone already had a license didn't need to upgrade. I suspect the same will occur with Release 200. Ashley will hold off on numerous new features as we reach 190 and then boom 200 with sum major new features that will change development big time(Modualirity?) But this will also bump the price... anyways just a possibility.

  • I think the Asset Store is the best thing they can do to generate longevity and a steady income for Scirra so that they won't need to boost up the cost of C2, keep the barrier of entry low so more developers use it and more developers potentially buy assets or sell assets etc. A bigger community with a functional asset store is a huge source of income.

  • woww.. thanks everybody for your answer

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