We need a way to loop through the Webstorage

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  • Hey all,

    A mysteriously missing feature from C2 for some time now is the ability to loop through all the webstorage values for a game. This might seem a bit useless, so I'll try to illustrate my current predicament.

    I have a 'save slot' system which works by prefacing every webstorage value with a slot value - e.g. "Score" becomes "1_Score" for slot 1, "2_Score" for slot 2. I set up functions to do this all automatically, and it works well.

    The problem comes when I'm trying to clear a slot by removing all the webstorage values prefaced with that slot value. I've been attempting to find a way to workaround, and it all comes down to the fact that we can't loop through the webstorage like we can for a dictionary, even though the two systems are functionally identical.

    Any thoughts?

  • Basically I put all my variables into a dictionary and then save the dictionary in json format into the slot.

    I can loop over the slots to do things like find an empty slot or whatever.

    To clear a slot I just set it to an empty string (thus overwriting the json dictionary saved there).

  • ggibson1 that's not a bad idea. I might give that a try...

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  • you can also I think load the webstorage into a dictionnary directly, then load it back to the webstorage.

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