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  • Hi

    Been using Construct 2 and CocoonJS for few months. I`ve been playing with the demo that comes with Construct 2 but I noticed that some Physic example or demo are not working with CocoonJS when preview via wifi.(anything with distance joint and revolute joint)

    I did add CocoonJS plugin and change the Physics Engine to Standard Web Based.

    I file a bug already but Ashley mention that the demo is working fine on his part.

    I noticed that If I add distance joint to a non physic object, the demo or example will run fine, but if I add the joint to another Physic Object, it will be just blank with error log.

    So I really need help from you guys to confirm or test it.

    1. Create new project

    2. Select template or example "Physics -distance joint"

    3. Add CocoonjS plugin or object

    4. Change the physic engine to "Standard web based"

    5. Preview view wifi using CocoonJS launcher.

    This is the capx file.

    Example Capx

    This is the error log I got from CocoonJS launcher on my Galaxy S3 (version 1.4.1)

    <img src="" border="0">

    This is what I already did

    1. Uninstall construct 2 , delete the registry and folder then reinstall(without 3rd party plugins).

    2. Tested on another PC

    My Specs.

    Windows7 SP 1 64 Bit

    Construct 2 R141

    Ipad Cocoonjs 1.4

    Galaxy S3 Cocoonjs 1.4.1

    So I`m lost. Really3 need help from you guys...


  • Sorry to bump my own thread. But I do need help from you guys.

    Please? Anybody ?

  • As I mentioned in the bug report you need the latest version of the CocoonJS launcher, which is 1.4.1 IIRC. I think the Android one is up to date, but the iOS one is still on 1.4.0 and should be updated soon hopefully.

  • Ashley

    I tested on Galaxy S3 (CocoonJS 1.4.1) and also on Ipad 4 (CocoonJS 1.4)

    Both black screen with error log.

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  • Ashley

    Ok. I found the bug and a workaround it. It seems something is not initialized at least on my PCs (3 tested PCs)

    So the workaround for my problem is I have to do this.

    1)Open any problematic physic project.

    2)Click on Export

    3)Select CocoonJS

    4)When CocoonJS dialog appear , just click cancel to close the dialog.

    5)Now preview via WiFi will work every time.

    If I close the project, I need to repeat the above steps. I can reproduce this bug with the example or demo project and also some of my physic projects that are not working previously.

    I tested on

    Windows 8 64bit

    2 Windows 7 SP1 64Bit

    I found this bug since R139 (before that I didn't test it).


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