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  • (el menu dice que puedes elegir conrtoles, pero aun no esta peusto eso xD)

    (sept 17)

    If you have 10 mins, could you guys please play the whole scene and report if some sprites start to get invisible at some point?

    (any other bug is welcomed as well)

    thanks :D

  • awesome work man :) What kind of engine are you using? I like the fade-in effect when you enter each room.

  • hmm after reaching the outside area and then going back inside you can enter a room where there appears to be a dumpster and three bomb dropping bad guys. I had the main character sprite dissapear there. Is that what you were looking for?

    Anyways besides the shooting getting backwards (when running and jumping left outside and trying to shoot right it shoots in the opposite direction left) in intense combat situations you have done some really nice work so far. I cant wait to see it progress

  • Very good idea and systems already in it.

    Once you've swapped it out with good graphics, it's going to be amazing.

    I do find that the transition between not fighting and the horde of monsters which suddenly appears is a bit rushed. You should give the player some time before he's placed into a big fight like that. Maybe a few small monsters first?

    I think this is a tech demo though right?

  • stevo301103 all the event where though from scratch D: it's my first game after all... what do you mean by engine?

    Twinsonian thanks man :D, and yes, I'm still trying to find out what is causing the sprites to disappear.

    Rory It is in fact a tech demo slowly evolving into what the games is planned to be =) I will take you'r advice into account. and BTW, i loved your game (I gave you 5 stars like a month ago =P)

  • I just wanted to know if you'd based it on anything in particular... as for 'proof-of-concept' work, it's an awesome start.

  • Ah, good job then! Thank you very much for the nice comments <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Good luck with this project!

  • Well. I'm not having the disappearing sprites issue anymore. I cleaned a lot of code, made the game a lot more lean and efficient. Positive side effect: now I have a constant 60 fps throughout all the game.

    edit: scratch that, it's just less common.

  • I got a 404 when trying to test it. :(

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  • Zephlon oh, right, i updated the dropbox file! now you should be able to play it =)

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