Need Help Setting angle for weapons

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  • Ok, here's my scenario. I am creating a "wing commander" style game. The game has a tatctical display target in center screen. I need to be able to create a variable to create a constant towards center point. When the game run on different screen sizes or devices the fixed angle is no longer good and move torpedo fire out of center alignment.

    I tried to follow the example in ghost shooter, but cant seem to get it to work. the torpedoes alaways veer off target. Aiming for the point that was center at time of press key to fire. But the player target center point is always moving (through space)

    You can try it here. The torpedos are set at a fixed angle.

    I hope Im being clear about what i need to acomplish. The torpedos must hit Target Center Point with angle being calcualted updated every tick. The example in Ghost Shooter uses a varible. Really could use some help here.


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  • Hi, Sorry I don't know the answer to your problem.

    However I just wanted to say that the games looks very cool!

    Good job so far.... <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thanks, I appreciate that.

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