I need help with a scoring system

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  • I'm trying to make enemies drop power-ups every 10 points without having to use more actions and events.

  • Obviously I don't know exactly how your game works but you can do something similar to :

    Global variable for Score (which you probably already have)

    Global variable for DropCount, which starts at 0.

    As you add 1 to Score, add 1 to DropCount.

    When DropCount hits 10, drop an item, set DropCount to 0.

    Depending on how your game works, the drop event could be a pick of the nearest enemy, or one that was just destroyed etc.

  • How can code the nearest enemy instead of on destroyed?

  • If you want the nearest enemy to player, create an event using the enemy, select Pick nearest/furthest from the list and then set the x,y co-ordinates to player.x,player.y

  • This should be posted in the "How do I?" section of the forums.

  • Thanks plinkie

  • Okay so i got another question. I have an weapon power up pickup spawning from the enemy correctly now. My player shoots a bullet from from image 1 and that bullet is a sprite. Now i have made 2 more bullets as sprites. I have an enemy dropping the power up for the bullet. How would i put the new bullet sprite to spawn after getting the powerup?

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  • Put the new bullet sprite as one of the animation frame for the bullet. Create a variable called powerup. after the player gets the powerup, set the powerup variable to 1. If powerup=1 then set frame to 1(the new bullet sprite that spawn after getting the powerup)

  • I did all that but the new bullet sprite wont continue shooting. It shoots one of the new bullets then it returns to the original bullet.

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