i need help with preview on lan using TP-LINK router

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  • Hello everyone! i recently buy a TP-Link router, for my house to get a better wifi signal, everything perfect at the moment but i tried to preview on lan a game and i noticed that the ip changed (obviusly) and for some reason i can preview on my phone or any other device, i think it because the TP-LINK have the ports changed and i dont know how to set it up, does someone knows what i have to do?

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  • open c2.


    preview on LAN address push the ...

    It should pick up your new address.

    click it.



    Do you mean aTP-LINK range extender?

    You can set static ip, I pretty much mirrored everthing from my router including the ip

    and sharing same ip does cause havoc with my eset antivirus, so had to create an exception (shared ip)


    Ports etc

    If it worked before, is should work fine after. i cycle routers every couple months to a year with no issues. As long as your firewall allows ports 50000-50100 you are fine(you can choose your own range too).

    I just set up ESET which took over my windows firewall. So ashleys tut is pretty good with stuff like that

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