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  • HEllow there i need help with my construct 2 game the problem is that in my admob.. when i use admob in construct 2 and then when i export game then i zip that enitire game and when i use phonegap to compile it show me error in compiling because I Placed "ADMOB" When i remove these admob then the game compiles what is happening before 2 weeks when i compile using ads on phonegap the game compile with ads but now its not compiling iam in tears please help me out

    ERROR is :Oh geez. Your build failed. Click the "Log" button above to view the compile log. If you need help diagnosing the issue, you can post to the support forum with your App ID (please do a search first).


    Im using personal licence

    Soryy for my bad english

  • you can using cocoonAds plugin

    Add the line in config.xlm:

    <plugin name="cocoon-plugin-ads-android-admob" spec="1.0.12"/>

  • Do i have to delete the admob plugin which is something like plugin-cordova admob ???

  • i dont compiling that with ur given plugin with phonegap by deleting the old admob plugin and by pasting ur given cocoon plugin but by testing it there are no ads .. sorry but iam noob in these compiling need help from u thanku

  • Do i have to delete the admob plugin which is something like plugin-cordova admob ???

    YES, delete this ---> plugin-cordova admob in config.xml

    and you can see example how show ads with cocoonAds here --->

  • Bro i did ur method i compile ur example through cocoon compiler and when i run that to test if ads are there or not when i open up file there is only black screen and nothing is coming up and when i checked thew config.xml file there is no <plugin name="cocoon-plugin-ads-android-admob" spec="1.0.12"/> in that config..After placing that cocoon admob plugin in config then it show only black screen

  • file - export project

    on this windows ----> export options

    Minify script <---- uncheck this, if you check this, you will got black screen

  • i didn't using cocoon compiler, i use for compile my capx to apk

  • Does ur phonegap build compiles ur game with ads????? To apk?? When i use phonegap with admob plugin it doesnt work i dont know why

  • Does ur phonegap build compiles ur game with ads? yes

    but today nov 14th , banner working, interstitial not working, dont know why

  • Everyone is saying that problem is with the construct 2 admob i dont know inwishh they construct owners release new version of it with the working plugin of admob so we can use ads whipe compiling these games on phonegap

  • right now interstitial and banner is working again.

    i dont know why, in your problem, you need to delete plugin admobAds in your construct 2 project.

  • So when delete admob plugin then i cant earn from my games then

  • delete admob plugin , using Cocoon Ads plugin

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  • Done that but then blackscreen came and I unchecked minify script but there is blackscreen

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