Need some help with moving through layouts

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  • So the thing i need is this....

    Lets say i have layout 1( levels screen) - from that layout you choose level and go to that level

    layout 2 ( level1) - on this layout is the level i previously chosen from layout(levels screen)

    layout 3 ( level 2) - same

    layout4 (level 3) - same

    .......and so on

    So my problem is next...when i finish (lets say level 1) i return to "levels screen" and i wanna repeat that level... the next time i go to that level it wont it need some kind of restart

  • Can you upload your capx?

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  • What you could do is, have a "end game" menu that once you complete the level it comes up and the timescale is then set to 0.0. On the menu, you have the a restart option, and a level selection option. With "restart" it restarts the layout and sets the timescale back to 1.0. For level selection, it sets the timescale back to 1.0 and goes back to your level selection layout.

    A layout automatically restarts once you exit, correct me if I'm wrong but that's how it's been for me.

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