Need help with Google Play Services please

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  • Hi,

    I'm having some travel incorporating Google Play Game Services in my already published app on Android (using Crosswalk).

    The various forum posts and tutorials are a bit vague and confusing.

    I want to release an update with logins and leaderboards added to my game.

    I've installed the Cranberry PhonegapGame plugin, gone to Google Dev console and got my app ID which I've added to the plugin properties. I've also linked my app in the Game Services section.

    Can you great people please show an example or advise how I can then set up the login using events and upload a high score to the leaderboard?

    I'm a quick learner but I just need to know how to do it the first time.

    Also, once set up in C2 and exported, can I then build a Crosswalk apk using the exact same details as my published app (so the signing certificate remains the same) and update my Google Play app?

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