Need help on Gamepad issue on Crosswalk C2 app

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  • I ran into a gamepad issue on my Crosswalk app. Buttons such as LT, RT, D-Pad and the right analog stick movement are not being detected in my Cordova exported in Crosswalk game. When previewing the game on Chrome on Android, the same thing also happened. Furthermore, I have also tested the gamepad on and I got the same result.

    Running HTML5 apps (or the gamepad test page above) on Firefox on Android however, Firefox could detect all the gamepad inputs correctly, including pressure sensitivity for LT and RT buttons.

    I have narrowed the problem down to Chrome on Android is faulty here, and this issue has already been reported too: ... ?id=615656

    If anyone is exporting their games that support gamepads to Crosswalk Android, this should mean, you are affected.

    Because of this, could you please help voting the issue up in the tracker link above?

    Afterward though, if this issue does get fixed in the future, does anyone know when Crosswalk would get the update?

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